Carpooling to Campus/Bridger/Home:

2021.10.19 19:47 Alive-Contact9147 Carpooling to Campus/Bridger/Home:

Do you carpool? Why/Why not?
Do you think a carpool app based on location and schedule is feasible? Would you use it?
What are your biggest complaints with existing public transport? Driving yourself/parking?
Any thoughts appreciated...
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2021.10.19 19:47 carlyc999 Scripps College Early Megathread

Please remember to follow the rules of posting within megathreads, which can be found in the main megathread post linked below.

2021 Early Action/Early Decision Discussion + Results Megathreads
ApplyingToCollege Discord Server
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2021.10.19 19:47 Moose_Springsteen_ Minnmax Trivia Tower with a whole bunch of Giantbomb folks (Alex, Jeff B /Grubb, Dan, Tamoor)

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2021.10.19 19:47 Oni_No_Hanzo456 I recently picked up this antique set of mini Warded picks, and these Skelaton Master Keys. I've had a lot of fun recently picking up some older locks to practice on. I was just curious how many of you enjoy the same thing?

I recently picked up this antique set of mini Warded picks, and these Skelaton Master Keys. I've had a lot of fun recently picking up some older locks to practice on. I was just curious how many of you enjoy the same thing? submitted by Oni_No_Hanzo456 to lockpicking [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 19:47 niuz-bot Studiu: Simplul act de a respira poate fi un mod major de transmitere a tuberculozei - [Analize]

Un studiu realizat al Universitatății din Cape Town (Africa de Sud), dat publicității marți, relevă că simplul act de a respira ar putea fi un… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.10.19 19:47 upbstock todays UOA

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2021.10.19 19:47 justiceforosaura can anyone identify this beautiful rock

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2021.10.19 19:47 Mammoth_Western7359 HelloKitty Doxxed dev low Mc only 20k Mc and huge potential project german dev is live on telegram big marketing incoming

Welcome to HelloKitty Launch today "Red Candle Green Candle" Will you survive and hold strong or sell in the red? Only the best traders will survive! In honor to the hyped HelloKitty series and the rising star coin Shiba Inu we created Squid Shiba to get the best of both worlds. Our goal is to create a safespace for both communities to get in touch and talk and discuss about shiba inu and Squid Game. 🌐 Our project differs from the rest because it has a passionate German team working to develop a safety environment and also surrounding the token with massive promos.
🎯Future Goals -Get listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko -Create HelloKitty x Shiba Inu Nfts -Launch of the Website -Influencer Marketing Campagne including: -Youtube video Promo -Twitter Influencer Promo -Daily reddit Posts -Community Shill raids and more ✅Key notes -Liquidity locked -Voicechat before and after Launch -Verified Contract -Fair Launch
5% Marketing
10% Dogecoin Rewards
5% Liquidity
📈BUY 7%
📉SELL 7%
🌎 Contract Address: 0x4d5ab23e01946bb9b57aa389510df0e0f7a990c6
🌎 Pancakeswap:
🌎Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 19:47 watereddownspirit 24 [F4A] Gusto ko masaktan...nang masasamang words

Hindi physical. Gusto ko tonight yung tipong mag fester. The why isn't important. Definitely not in the mood na lambingin or kamustahin kaya I will ignore well-wishing messages.
You don't even need to say it as if ako yung receiver nung gusto mong sabihin. If may gusto kayong murahin or insultuhin, sa akin niyo nalang isend para marelease na yan.
Do your worst. Please.
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2021.10.19 19:47 JAMES19363 Weekend sends

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2021.10.19 19:47 gardenq4now123780 Get rid of cmc for mike Williams and ekler?

This is a dynasty league and we have 3 flex sports so I’d be able to play them both. I also have Kenan Allen
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2021.10.19 19:47 derpderpdave T-Rex Arms Sidecar 2.0 w/ 365 XL (product warning in comments)

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2021.10.19 19:47 -not-my-account- My shoe is more dignified ☝🏻

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2021.10.19 19:47 TransientBeing9 Any second-hand shops in Sarajevo that buy clothes?

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2021.10.19 19:47 Winter_Let4692 If you are someone who never responds to messages/texts/emails, why?

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2021.10.19 19:47 CaptainPick1e Is a D passing in accounting capstone?

Hey all, taking my final capstone class as part of the accounting curriculum. I am aware that most pre-req classes require a C or better in order for you to get credit, but I'm on literally the last class for my degree and it's the only class I'm taking. Just wondering if a D is considered failing.
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2021.10.19 19:47 Yashukla98 Look at the comments of India haters in this post

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2021.10.19 19:47 OrchidSubject9125 is it a bad sign to shed hair after being on fin for 7 weeks.

Hello guys, I've been on finasteride for about 7 weeks now, i haven't seen results yet and i know that thats expected. My question is, is it a bad sign if i still shed hair on fin? I lose about 20-30 hairs if i brush through My hair with my hand multiple times. What do you think?
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2021.10.19 19:47 Due-Hunter9566 🐕ShibaParis stealth launch! 🐕 | 5% AutoLiqudity | 5%Redistributed into holders! 500$ marketcap hidden gem! 🐕

🐕 Welcome to ShibaParis 🐕
🐕 ShibaParis 🐕 | 5% Slippage ⚡ | Stealth Launched Now 🚀 | LP Locked 🔒 | Ownership Renounced 📝 | 🔥 Small MC Of $1K + 🔥 | Shill Bots ON! | NFT Competition!!!
🟢 At the start of the plans are to grow a very strong and stable community through the use of Telegram and Reddit. Some paid promotion is in the works and hopefully the community can also band together to help the token out!
🔴 For the remainder of we will be working hard on getting everything developed, including; Discord server, Facebook, Instagram, a subreddit, and a youtube channel for informational videos on how to keep your assets safe. We will also be doing some marketing to help get more people on board, during this time period we plan on getting listed on CoinGecko and CMC. We will be exploring different possible use cases in this time period as well. We will be bringing in devs to help with future projects.
🔴 During we will be focused on marketing, and partnerships. We will be exploring many different use cases for our token. We will start looking into ways to promote our token use. We will also be looking for more people to bring onto the team, i.e devs, graphics designers, marketers.
🔴 During we will start development on tools to help flag risky tokens. Also potentially scan contracts that do not comply to best practices. This comes with the beta launch of the Exchange Platform!
⭐️ TOKENOMICS OF ShibaParis⭐️
Total Supply:
🗑 Anti Dump Protection 🗑
🔥 5% SUPPLY BURN On Every Transaction 🔥
⚠️How to Buy ShibaPoos ???⚠️
📖Contract: 0xE6FB7A7cE1bEa74354Eeb6854CC592a4A4325596
🥞 Buy Now :
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.19 19:47 mrheosuper Transmission keeps freezing after few hours

My DSM is 6.2.3, Transmission is 3.0.0-19
The problem I am having is I can not access Transmission after a few hours( not sure the exactly time), the webpage is hanging/not responding, I also don't see any upload in xpenology
I have to restart the package so that it can work again, but after a while it freezes again
Thanks for any help
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2021.10.19 19:47 sirmrdrjnr 2 Tickets for Hammersmith tomorrow (20/10)

Hey guys! My two mates have cancelled on me and Ive got 2 spare tickets for the Hammersmith Apollo gig tomorrow! The seats are in the Circle (section 2 row G) and Im asking £250 for both. Im still going so we can walk in together (we dont have to chat dw!!) it wont be a scammy experience. If interested please DM me on here, we can discuss payment in a way we're both comfortable with. Happy to send proof of tix to mods.
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2021.10.19 19:47 PanchoOM21

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2021.10.19 19:47 TylerSeducer “like”

I thought this was a top tier academic university but the amount of you putting “like” between every 3 words is making my brain melt. You sound stupid, it’s hard to follow along, and if there was verbal applications you’d never get admitted.
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2021.10.19 19:47 davetenhave Facebook wants you to believe its AI is working against hate speech

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2021.10.19 19:47 Important_Ad9583 i need help

i have just unlocked the watch tower (snow zone), but did not expect zombie horde. i got killed, my expensive tactical backpack is left there. Then i entered that place again to pick up my backpack, as soon as i entered, i was immediately surrounded by zombies, i couldnt move to escape, i closed app very fast to prevent me dying.
how can i pick up my backpack? (i am a free player)
also, additional question, should i farm resources in the red snow zone or yellow snowzone?
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